HUD announced, via RHIIP Listserve #416, there will be a delay in the regularly scheduled computer matching with HHS/National Data of New Hires.

This delay will affect the EIV New Hires and Income Reports since New Hires, Federal/Non Federal Wages and Unemployment data will not be updated during November and December, 2018.

All other EIV reports, including Identity Verification data, will not be affected and EIV can still be used to verify SSA income.

For compliance purposes, be sure to continue to run the New Hire and Income Reports and retain copies of the reports as usual. Files should also contain the Listserv message to explain the lack of data on these reports.

To obtain the RHIIP Listserv messages,  you can sign up on the RHIIP Listserv website РRHIIP Listserv signup