Violence Against Women Act of 2013

Course Overview

timer47 min

In December 2016, HUD released the Violence Against Women Act 2013 final rule. This changed much of the way Owner/Agents must handle VAWA including notices to residents, emergency transfer plans, transfer requests and policy changes.  

Ensure you and your staff know what these changes are and what is now required of them in dealing with VAWA.


  1. Understand the basic required elements of the Emergency Transfer Plan
  2. Know policies that you will need to create in order to implement VAWA on your property
  3. Determine what is required for a resident to qualify for an Emergency Transfer
  4. Differentiate between the types of transfers available
  5. Learn how to facilitate transfers for residents
  6. Understand all of the major changes that have occurred with the VAWA final rule
  7. Identify what determines a VAWA covered act
  8. Learn how to correctly implement the Notice of Occupancy Rights
  9. Understand what a lease bifurcation is
  10. Know the rules for bifurcating a lease
  11. Learn how to apply HUD’s requirement for confidentiality

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